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About Us.

Welcome to MKS global corp.!

Our Story

At MKS global corp. (주)엠케이에스글로벌, a local Korean corporation led by a Malaysian CEO, we're all about connections. We started with a simple idea: to bring South Korea and Malaysia closer together. From there, we've grown into a company that helps businesses and people thrive.

Our Mission

Empowering Growth: We're here to help businesses and individuals grow. Whether it's trade, marketing, consulting, or travel, we're all about creating opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

Expertise: We know our stuff. With years of experience, we're experts in what we do.

Global Network: We've built a strong network worldwide, giving us a wide reach.

Your Needs First: Your needs are unique, and we tailor our solutions to fit you.

Our Values

Integrity: Trust matters. We're honest and ethical in everything we do.

Innovation: We love new ideas. Innovation drives us forward.

Excellence: We aim for the best. Quality is our standard.

Join Our Journey

We want you with us. Whether you're a business, an entrepreneur, or someone looking for great travel experiences, MKS global corp. is here for you.

Warm regards,

Muhamad Khalid

CEO, MKS global corp.

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