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Business Trip

   Optimise the result from your Business Meeting

Looking for the right partner will be difficult for some business owners and public institution without a strong local network and knowledge. Eventually, sometimes the result from the business trip does not meet and expectation and end up with just stress and time-wasting.

Realising that, with our local business networks and resources, we usually customise this kind of trip with the combination of business meetings and leisure activities. ​


Based on your needs, we work closely with the business association here to meet you with the right business partner or public institution where you could make are a technical visit to their place and learn more about Korea Technology and system. 

On top of that, to minimize the language barrier, we could provide with our own highly knowledgable, multilingual, local staff who act as your guide, translator, and general support for your trip, ensuring you have the best possible result.

Leave all of the planning to us, we will take care of it. We will stress out of organizing your trip to Korea with our highly-vetted and trusted partners.


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